zaterdag 4 juli 2009

Goed nieuws voor liefhebbers van A Suitable Boy

A Suitable Boy van Vikram Seth is één van mijn favoriete romans aller tijden, zodat ik bijzonder verheugd was om in The Guardian van vrijdag 3 juli het volgende bericht te lezen:

There's no word yet as to whether it will stretch to the arm-breaking length of A Suitable Boy, but Vikram Seth has announced that he is writing a sequel to his most popular novel.

A Suitable Girl will see Lata, the 19-year-old heroine of A Suitable Boy, who suffered the efforts of her mother attempting to find her a suitable husband during the first book, now a grandmother, searching for the right match for her grandson. To be published in the autumn of 2013, publisher Penguin promised that Seth would "bring the action of the narrative up to the present day, encompassing some of the enormous social and economic changes India has undergone in the last 60 years".

Seth described the time shift as a "jump sequel" in an interview with Reuters. "That allows me in a sense to bring a whole lot of post-independence history to bear on the novel. It allows me to live in the present," he said. "I'm doing something quite different to keep myself interested rather than just writing another historical book that I've written before. I hope it can be read by a person who hasn't read the other book as well as by people who have."

He hoped, he added, to meet the 2013 deadline (A Suitable Boy took almost a decade to write). "I have something to go on. I kind of know the characters … But I am quite a lazy person as well as obsessive, so who knows when the book will actually get done? I hope it'll get done by the target date."

Lees hier de rest van het artikel.

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